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Published on: November 26, 2011


Please read the whole of this article and do your own research (I have included a few links at the end) if you want to start Sun Gazing. It really is worth the effort :)

I have started the process and will be posting my experiences as and when they seem pertinent.

Sun Gazing at Sunset

What Is Sun Gazing?

Put quite simply Sun Gazing is the process of absorbing the Sun’s Solar Energy by gazing or looking directly at the Sun.

The Sun emits the full range of electromagnetic radiation, the majority of which is not visible to the naked, human eye. Included in this electromagnetic radiation is Ultra-Violet (UV) light. As we know UV light is responsible for tanning and sun-burn, but it is also responsible solar retinopathy, an eye disorder related to looking directly at the Sun, hence why Sun Gazing CAN be dangerous if not carried out with due care, diligence and common sense.

However at certain times of the day and also at certain times of the year the UV light emitted from the Sun drops to either almost zero or to low, safe levels. This is due to the position of the Sun in the sky and the absorption/reflection of the UV light by the upper atmosphere, making it safe to look directly at the Sun

The human eye is one of the most complex organs in the body, it is often refered to as the window to the Soul, and it has been reported that the eye has the ability to absorb the Sun’s Solar Radiation into the body. By doing so you are effectively getting your energy intake directly from the Sun instead of via the ‘normal’ manner of eating plants (plants also absorb solar radiation via the chlorophyll in the leaves, this solar radiation is then converted to complex carbohydrates in the process of photosynthesis, we then eat these carbohydrates to give us energy). It is said that Sun Gazing replaces the need to eat!

Sun Gazing Through History

Sun Gazing has been revived primarily by Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), HRM was born in India in 1922 and started his research, study and practice of Sun Gazing in 1992, since 1995 HRM has lived on Solar Energy alone, he has no need to eat food and only requires the Sun and Water to survive!

Sun Gazing is nothing new; the practice has been around for thousands of years for both spiritual and health benefits. In parts of India, Sun Gazing also known as Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar are practiced as part of various yoga and spiritual traditions. Similar practices have been recorded in ancient Greece; in ancient Egypt the practice was called Heliotherapy. The practice was also wide spread in the Americas; the most compounding evidence is the Inca civilisation, with the Sun temples in Machu Pichu where writings describe how to ‘harvest’ the energy of Sun. These are just a few examples of civilizations that Sun Gaze and Sun Worship through the millennia.

Why Sun Gaze?

Sun Gazing is beneficial to your physical health, mental health and spiritual health, it is a process that feeds, nourishes and opens up the mind, body and soul. Below are some of the reported benefits from Sun Gazing. At this point I will add that there is no solid scientific evidence of these benefits (generally there have been no wide spread controlled experiments under laboratory conditions), these are the benefits that people who practice Sun Gazing have reported and that observers of these people have noted. HRM himself has been studied by a number of prominent doctors and scientists who have confirmed his reports.Sun Gazing at Sunrise

Sun Gazing is reported to basically repair whatever part(s) of your body that are faulty, which does seem like a bold statement to make. Here are some of the reported benefits that I have researched.

Physical Health:

Increased energy and motivation, corrects eye sight (returns 20/20 vision), decreases the NEED for food, counter acts obesity, relieves symptoms and pain of arthritis, reverses osteoporosis, stops migraines, stops thrombosis, and is even reported to cure cancer.

Mental Health:

Removes tension, eliminates stress, improves self-confidence, increases brain power and mental capacity, provides an increasingly positive outlook, improves memory, eliminates Seasonal Affected Disorder, helps elevate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s dis-ease.

Spiritual Health:

Awakes the WHOLE Brian (the 80% of the brain that we are reported not to use), improves spiritual balance and understanding, improves physic abilities.

How To Sun Gaze?

1. Sun Gazing is done in the first hour after Sunrise; this is the best time as the levels of Vitamins A and D are highest at this time, or the last hour before Sunset. ONLY! It is not necessary or advised to do both in the same day.

2. Stand in the open air (you cannot Sun Gaze effectively through a glass window), stand barefoot on the ground; it is best to stand on bare soil, sand (as in a beach or river bed). AVOID standing on concrete, tarmac, tiles, lawns and most defiantly not on the top of buildings or another manmade structures. The direct and physical connection with the Earth is important to get the most out of Sun Gazing.

3. Start with 10 seconds of Sun Gazing on day one, and then increase the time by 10 seconds per session. So the first session you will gaze for 10 seconds, the second 20 seconds, the third 30 seconds, and so on. Avoid squinting if possible; keep all the muscles of the body as relaxed as possible.

4. When your gazing time reaches 44 minutes DONOT increase the time you gaze, 44 minutes is the maximum, and from this point you should stop Sun Gazing. At this point you will retain the energy of the Sun for about 6 days, to recharge a 45 minute walk barefoot on soil with the Sun shining on you is the recommendation.

5. It is recommended that you walk barefoot for 45 minutes a day, ideally with the Sun shining on you and walking on sand, or bare soil. Relaxed slow walking!

6. While Sun Gazing try and enter a meditative state, ask the Sun to energise you through your eyes, ask for all the healing effects to enter your body and none of the adverse effects, Sun Gaze free from doubt and with proper understanding.

7. Try and Sun Gaze at the same time (either Sunrise or Sunset) and in the same place every day.

8. Use COMMON SENSE. If you feel discomfort, heat in your face, cheeks or eyes, then stop, if the Sun seems too bright then stop. Get regular eye checks to ensure that you are not causing any damage to them, especially if you wear glasses as it is said that you will need to change you prescription as you continue to compensate for the correcting of your eye-sight.

Sun Gazing is a onetime practice, once you have reached the 44 minute point you must stop, you can maintain the energy levels by walking barefoot everyday for 45 minutes preferably with the Sun shining down on you.

Depending upon your location you may not be able to Sun Gaze every day, should you miss a day or two (or more) then pick up where you left off. However walking barefoot for 45 minutes a day regardless will help maintain the Solar Energy levels within the brain and the body.

If you wish to take up Sun Gazing please do your own research first, these are the practices that I am undertaking and they fit my life style and beliefs. Here are a number of resources that I have used, there are any number of excellent websites dedicated to Sun Gazing, there is no shortage of information. Please take the time to do your own research.

The Official Site for Hira Ratan Manek

The Open Line

Mason Dwinell – Sun Gazer

Overview of Sun Gazing Websites

The former and latter of these sites also have links pages with more resources to peruse.

My experiences of Sun Gazing start here!


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